40 Years of Variable Stars:

A Celebration of Contributions by Horace A. Smith

30-31 May 2013  -  East Lansing, Michigan


  • As the name indicates, the purpose of '40 Years of Variable Stars: A Celebration of Contributions by Horace A. Smith' is to celebrate Horace's career. To that end talks will primarily be about topics that Horace worked on over the years, primarily classically pulsating variable stars. Talks will be 20 minutes in length plus 10 minutes for questions; our goal is to have good discussion of the science being presented. The conference program is now complete and can be viewed in pdf format here.

    Opening Reception:
    An opening reception for the conference on Wednesday evening at the Kellogg Center. The reception will be held in an outdoor area with a lovely view of the Red Cedar River; in the event of inclement weather the reception will be moved indoors. Canap├ęs will be served and a cash bar will be available with a selection of beer and wine available for purchase. The reception is a great way for everyone to get caught up before the conference starts the next morning.

    Science Fiction Movie Night:
    In honor of Horace's fondness for old science fiction B-movies we will be hosting a science fiction movie night at Michigan State's Abrams Planetarium, located across the street from the Biomedical and Physical Science building. The night will feature movies chosen by Horace, with such possibilites as 'Lost Skeleton of Cadavra' or 'The Creeping Terror', projected on the planetarium dome. Come join us for this fun night watching 'bad' science fiction movies.

    Conference Dinner:
    The conference dinner will be held on Friday evening at Pizza House, East Lansing's best pizza restaurant and a personal favorite of Horace's. Dinner will be a buffett with more than enough pizza, pasta, and salad for everyone.

    Schematic Program

    9:00 Welcome and
    Session 1
    10:00 Session 5
    10:45 Coffee break
    11:15 Session 2
    12:30 Lunch
    13:30 Session 3
    14:00 Session 5
    15:00 Coffee break
    15:30 Session 4
    Welcome reception
    Science Fiction
    Movie Night
    Conference Dinner at
    Pizza House